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Romico Hold A.V.V. is founded in 1990 by Bert Brouwers to manage the IP rights of the patented Rotational Particle Separator RPS. Today the portfolio comprises additional RPS patents and patented inventions of processes of Condensed Rotational Separation CRS. Romico Hold provides License, Know-How and Technical Assistance Agreements and participates in Spin Off Companies. 

Romico Engineering Solutions B.V. is founded in 2014 by Romico Hold A.V.V. and Erik van Kemenade to provide support to industry for design and process implementation of RPS and CRS technologies worldwide. The team of all-round qualified engineers can handle every aspect of the process and product design from concept to equipment supply and instrumentation. The company also provides consultancy services for heat and mass transfer equipment and process design in general.

Biography Bert Brouwers [Biography of prof. dr. ir. J.J.H.(Bert) Brouwers]

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