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Biography of prof. dr ir J.J.H. (Bert) Brouwers

Bert Brouwers (1949) obtained an MSc in Mechanical Engineering at TU/e in 1972 (cum laude). A PhD was received at Twente University in 1976. Advisors: prof. dr. ir. L. van Wijngaarden and prof. dr. J. Los (University of Amsterdam)

In 1972 he started as Research Engineer at the Ultra Centrifuge Laboratory of UCN/Urenco in Amsterdam. Later he became Head Isotopes Separations Research.

In 1979 he joined Royal/Dutch Shell. First he was Group Leader in Offshore Research at the Exploration and Production Laboratory in Rijswijk. In 1983 he moved to London to become Staff Member Economics.

Brouwers switched from industry to academia in 1986 when he was appointed as full professor of Thermal Engineering at Twente University. In 1998 he came to the Technical University of Eindhoven to chair the Process Technology Section of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

During Bert Brouwer's time at the University of Twente he devised the Rotational Particle Separator (RPS) which comprises patented methods for separating micron-size particulate matter from fluids. IP rights were vested in the Romico companies founded by him. In cooperation with external parties, several practical versions of the RPS were developed and implemented in various fields of operations.

At Eindhoven University of Technology Bert generated the new and patented method of condensed rotational separation: gas-gas separation by preferential condensation of one or more of the gaseous components and subsequent centrifugal separation. In cooperation with major oil and gas production companies, the aim is being pursued to develop a competitive industrial technology. This will enable profitable exploitation of world-wide sour natural gas resources by cheaply removing CO2 and H2S in storable form. CRS related processes provide economically promising methods for coal-based electricity production with low carbon footprint.

Bert Brouwers has made innovative contributions to science and technology. He is owner of the Romico companies which exploit his patented inventions. He has led and managed groups of research engineers, scientists and technicians since 1974. As university professor he teached and guided students to MSc and PhD standards. From 1 October 2014 he is emeritus professor of Eindhoven University of Technology and from 1 December 2015 remote professor of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Moscow.

Personal Pages: bertbrouwers.nl