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 2012 The RPS as mist eliminator
 2012 RPS scrubber designs
 2012 RPS mist eliminator applications
 2012 Condensed Rotational Separation
 2012 CRS hydrocarbon recovery

Journal Papers

2014 Separation in Centrifugal Fields with emphasis on the Rotational Particle Separator
2014 Upgrading CO2-CH4 mixtures by a hybrid membrane – Condensed Rotational Separation Process.
2013 Sour gas cleaning by condensed rotational separation versus amine treatment, energy and volume use.
2012 Hydrocarbon recovery by condensed rotational separation.
2012 Rotational particle separator: an efficient method to separate micron-sized droplets and particles from fluids.
2012 Rotational particle separator as a compact gas scrubber.
2011 Condensed Rotational Separation of CO2.
2011 CO2 Droplets Condensed from Natural Gas.
2011 Liquid CO2 droplet extraction from gases.
2010 Condensed rotational separation of CO2 from natural gas.
2010 Performance of a Novel Rotating Gas-Liquid Separator.
2008 Direct numerical simulation of the motion of particles in rotating pipe flow.
2007 The effect of turbulence on the efficiency of the rotational phase separator.
2007 In-line centrifugal separation of dispersed phases.
2006 Operating performance of a naturally driven Rotational Particle Separator.
2005 Numerical study of the rotational phase separator sealing impeller.
2006 Novel centrifugal process removes gas contaminants.
2003 Liquid-phase separation with the rotational particle separator.
2002 Phase separation in centrifugal fields with emphasis on the rotational particle separator.
1997 Particle collection efficiency of the rotational particle separator.
1996 Rotational particle separator: A new method for separating fine particles and mists from gases.
1995 Secondary flows and particle centrifugation in slightly tilted rotating pipes.

PhD theses

2014 CO2 capture by condensed rotational separation : thermodynamics and process design.
2012 Droplet collection in a scaled-up rotating separator.
2012 Condensing CO2 droplets.
2009 Condensed rotational cleaning of natural gas.
2006 Centrifugal separation for cleaning well gas streams.
2005 Compact Centrifugal Separator of Dispersed Phases.

Conference Papers

2014 Novel Small-Footprint Mechanical Gas Drying
2014 Gas to Liquids by Condensed Rotational Separation
2012 冷凝旋转分离新技术
2007 PyRos: a new flash pyrolysis technology for the production of bio-oil from biomass residues.
2004 Rotating Sorbent Reactor.
2002 A novel technology for fast pyrolysis of biomass: pyros reactor.
1998 Reduction of aerosol particles in flue gases from biomass combustion in a rotating particle separator RPS.
1998 Efficient and economic dust separation from flue gas by the rotational particle separator as an innovative technology for biomass combustion and gasification plants.
1996 The Rotating Air Inlet Filter for Gas Turbines


2012 CO2 removal by amine absorption and condensed rotational separation : energy consumption & equipment sizing