Process Design

Achieve the most efficient proces with the smallest footprint.


The spin-off technology of Condensed Rotational Separation, CRS, comprises the separation of mixtures of gases by cooling to a point where specific components of the gas condense to droplets which are separated by the RPS Demister. Areas of application i.a. :

  • upgrading natural and biogas containing large concentrations of CO2 and/or H2S,
  • purification and liquefaction of CO2 from Carbon Capture units,
  • selective condensation and liquefaction of Methane in vent gases of process plants.

Another patented spin-off is the RPS Absorber. It involves the removal of gaseous components from a carrier gas by employing absorbent liquid injected in the channels of the RPS. Areas of application i.a. :

  • Amine absorption of CO2 and/or H2S in gas processing,
  • disinfection of indoor air.