Product Design

We work with you from concept to finished product.


Rotational Particle Separator

The Rotational Particle Separator is a device patented by our parent company romico hold with which very small particles and droplets can be filtered or removed from various kinds of fluids and gases.

Core is a rotating cylinder consisting of a multitude of axially oriented channels of small diameter. Solid or liquid particles of micron and sub-micron size are separated from a carrier fluid flowing through the channels by the action of the centrifugal force.

Designs are realised for amongst others hot gas de-dusting, process recovery in pharma and food and in-house air filtration.

RPS Demister / Absorber

On the principle of the Rotational Particle Separator very efficient gas demisters are designed and manufactured. As mass transfer is high inside the rotating core, the RPS can double as a gas scrubber.

The Rotational Particle Separator can be designed for a wide range of process variables. Designs are realised for

Min Max
volume flow 2 10.00 Nm3/hr
operating temperature -60 600 oC
nominal pressure 67 bar

and we continue to push the boundaries.

Compact Heat Exchangers

The same design tools, materials and manufacturing methods are used for (condensing) compact heat exchangers. As is the case for the RPS, any structural engineering material can be used to construct heat exchangers for very low to very high temperature conditions. Designs are realised in stainless steel, polystyrene, polycarbonate and even ceramics.